Keeping Your animals Healthy and Happy Without Overspending
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Keeping Your animals Healthy and Happy Without Overspending

Hello, my name is Catherine. I have long loved animals and have had several of my own over the years. Sadly, I saw two of my cats suffer with feline cancer, one of my dogs had arthritis, and, of course, we faced the usual calamities and injuries pets often face. However, I have had to navigate this on a relatively restricted budget, and through the years, I have gotten quite proficient at that. I work at a library and love doing research on pets and veterinary care as well as a range of other topics. I also love to write so decided to put my info in a blog. Please, explore and enjoy!

Keeping Your animals Healthy and Happy Without Overspending

Grooming Tips for Older Cats

Ellen Lampi

If your adopted cat is getting older, you might notice a decrease in their ability to take care of themselves effectively in the grooming department. The good news is, pet groomers are available to take care of even the most basic grooming needs of your cat. Here are four grooming issues your older cat might have that a pet groomer can help with.

Smelly Cats and Prevention

If your cat has dental issues or sores in their mouth, they might not be as on top of cleaning as they once were. While there are wipes that you can use on a daily basis to help with surface cleaning, a head-to-toe shampoo is a good idea here and there to keep oils and dander under control. While your cat might hate going to the groomer for a bath, they will feel better and won't have itchy, affected skin to deal with.

Overgrown Nail Problems

If your cat isn't as active as they once were, they might not wear down their nails the way they would have in their younger years. Overgrown nails can make it hard for cats to walk and can even curl under and grown into paw pads. If you can't get near your cat's nails for a trim, a professional groomer can help. They can ensure this is done safely and properly so that your cat's nails are shortened, but won't cut into the nail bed on accident.

Preventing a Dirty Tush

Keeping your cat's tush clean might fall to you as your cat ages. This is a sensitive region, and cleanliness is needed for overall health and dignity. Your cat might not be as limber as they once were and can have a hard time cleaning hard to reach areas. Have groomers clip or shave under your cat's tail to get rid of excess hair. This way, unwanted particles will have less of a chance to stick around after using the litter box

Snarled or Overgrown Fur

If your older cat isn't keeping up on their grooming, their fur might become more unruly than it used to. Brushing and trimming will need to become a part of their grooming regimen, beginning with an overall trim at the groomers. This can get you started on brushing your cat on a more normal basis. This way, brushing can be more enjoyable and not only occur when there are problems If it turns out that your cat hates routine brushing, keeping their hair shorter with routine visits to the groomer might be the best option.

While all cats can benefit from the perks of going to the groomers, older cats can especially feel and look better after a routine visit. If your older cat is having a harder time at self-maintenance, a groomer can help keep up with their hair, skin, and nail routine.