Keeping Your animals Healthy and Happy Without Overspending
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Keeping Your animals Healthy and Happy Without Overspending

Hello, my name is Catherine. I have long loved animals and have had several of my own over the years. Sadly, I saw two of my cats suffer with feline cancer, one of my dogs had arthritis, and, of course, we faced the usual calamities and injuries pets often face. However, I have had to navigate this on a relatively restricted budget, and through the years, I have gotten quite proficient at that. I work at a library and love doing research on pets and veterinary care as well as a range of other topics. I also love to write so decided to put my info in a blog. Please, explore and enjoy!

Keeping Your animals Healthy and Happy Without Overspending

  • Four Essential Items For Your Pet'sĀ First Aid Kit

    30 June 2023

    As a responsible pet owner, you want to be prepared for any situation that may arise with your furry friend. One essential step is to create a pet-specific first aid kit. Here are four essential items that should be included in every pet first aid kit, and how a vet can guide you in assembling the perfect kit for your pet. 1. A Digital Thermometer A digital thermometer is an important tool for monitoring your pet's health.

  • 5 Benefits Of Puppy Preschool

    2 February 2023

    Beginning training when your pup is still young can curtail behavioural challenges before they have a chance to develop. Puppy preschool programs are designed for dogs that aren't quite old enough for an intensive training program, so they are typically recommended for pups that are less than four months old. 1. Early Socialisation One of the best reasons to consider puppy preschool is for early socialisation, especially if you don't have other dogs or pets at home.