Keeping Your animals Healthy and Happy Without Overspending
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Keeping Your animals Healthy and Happy Without Overspending

Hello, my name is Catherine. I have long loved animals and have had several of my own over the years. Sadly, I saw two of my cats suffer with feline cancer, one of my dogs had arthritis, and, of course, we faced the usual calamities and injuries pets often face. However, I have had to navigate this on a relatively restricted budget, and through the years, I have gotten quite proficient at that. I work at a library and love doing research on pets and veterinary care as well as a range of other topics. I also love to write so decided to put my info in a blog. Please, explore and enjoy!

Keeping Your animals Healthy and Happy Without Overspending

Why Pet Vaccination Matters This Summer

Ellen Lampi

While most of the focus has, naturally, been on your safety and wellbeing throughout COVID-19, it is important to not forget that your dog or cat needs to be kept safe from all sorts of dangerous viruses as well. Pet vaccinations are not a one-off requirement, but something that you need to keep updated for the duration of their lives. As summer starts to take hold of Australia the risks of various viruses go up, consider getting a check-up appointment for your pet. Here are a few reasons why pet vaccinations matter so much this summer.

More Socialising

Just like humans, dogs and cats spread viruses and diseases through social contact with other dogs. If you are an owner who loves taking their dog for a stroll or has a cat that wanders around, unsupervised, during the day, then you are at risk. That doesn't mean you should give up on letting your pet live a more social life, far from it. Simply taking your pet to the vet and asking for all the common seasonal virus vaccines should provide ample protection and allow your pet to live freely.

Fewer Vaccinations

Because so many human owners have been isolating and non-social during the last two years, a lot of pets have skipped seasonal vaccinations and so are more susceptible to them should they come into contact. Unlike their human owners, however, there has not been a large public drive to get pets vaccinated. The result is that there are a lot of people unknowingly putting their pets' lives at risk because they forgot to get them vaccinated in the last two years. That is understandable, but it is time to break that cycle and give them the safety they deserve.

Returning to a Regular Vaccine Cycle

As stated above, many people have forgotten to prioritise their pet's vaccination over the last two years for very valid reasons. However, for vaccines to work, pets need regular booster shots otherwise the efficacy of the vaccines is much lower. It is not just that your pet hasn't had vaccines for the last two or so years that is the problem, it is that they haven't had boosters for vaccines they may already have had but need updating. Your vet will be able to check your pet's history and quickly find which new vaccines your pet needs and, just as important, which booster shots they need for past vaccines. 

Learn more about pet vaccinations by contacting local veterinarians.